Rapping up the week in crypto
Pattycake, Pancake, all gas--no break.
Week of May 24, 2021
Week of May 24, still nothing to panic for,
Ethers gunning to flip the score,
But if the score is written in Solidity, what's it really good for?,
They say Hakuna, but it's bug du jour,
Legacy, this is what you were looking for before,
Developers, you deserve so much more,
Polkadot wants your love and they spend a lot,
But we'll have to see if the tech is on the DOT,
It's wild, the difference between value and spot,
Tik Tok driven tickers ticking me off,
And China still running things like a Grand Moff,
Big Sean came for my spot so I told him get gone,
Might be a millionaire but I still mow my own lawn,
Destined to be the voice of the crypto strong,
Hodl on, they're scared of the new dawn,
DeFi means never having to be a pawn,
This is the fight for financial freedom in a song,
We're in good shape, but someone tell Mark to look past Polygon,
Scaffolding when we need to build different like Porygon,
Bitcoin takin' the heat for decades of policy gone wrong,
Put a council together and picked up Elon,
But he ain't right to run it and that isn't retribution,
We just want someone offering more than Twitter confusion,
Maybe its collusion,
Powers that be paying to spread disillusion,
These paranoid thoughts got me tripping,
But this can be a world of wash trading and price fixing,
Are we scoundrels, crypto punks doing backroom bidding?,
Whales win whether we sink or swim,
Making old money mistakes, are we Scrooge or Tiny Tim?
Sometimes it seems we're tightening the screws,
When we could be spreading good news,
Like blockchain being used to help journalists the Kremlin abuses,
Or when Play to Earn is more than a game to amuse,
I'm talking crypto for the many and not the few,
Bitcoin is my religion, DEXs are my pews,
Don't let 'em trick you with short-term views,
Look long, Farsite might be huge,
Wallets are up and NFT volume went 3x,
Meme.com got $5 mil to sell jpegs,
Even Gamestop's gambit has some legs,
The GOAT came out for Consensus,
Colorado is trying to help the country come to its senses,
Skybridge and Fidelity swing for the fences,
PayPal will let you withdraw but we'll see about the expenses,
Even Apple wants to press crypto for its juices,
South Korea is next to see what a digital currency produces,
It's steady progress, but there were still some bruises,
The White House says crypto is fraught with misuses,
But we're still handing out guns to kids with short fuses,
Congress is having tea with the SEC,
The say they wanna do more for you and me,
Even Biden wants a bite of crypto entities,
But blockchain means we don't need their permission to be free,
We know the risks, just let us be,
An Indian Bank really said Bitcoin is a fad,
Pattycake, Pancake, Binance Chain's week was all bad,
CypherTrace can't restore what you never had,
At this point I'd rather give my data to Plaid,
A couple of Tezos bakers are more than a little mad,
Iran says you can drill for oil,
But treat Bitcoin mining like it's crack in tin foil,
Black out, UAE told Dubai Coin goodbye and get out,
Went phishing but didn't catch a Bit[of]Clout,
UK came for a weed bust,
But the farm yielded ASIC dust,
No diamond Dimon reiterated his distaste,
But it seems JPMorgan is still in the Chase,
USDC asks 'can you see me?',
Raised half a billion to take on USDT,
Full Circle, how stable can dollar backed really be?
Don't take me wrong, this isn't negativity,
This is the fight to see things clearly,
BTC you in Miami,
Unmuteable, not gunning for Artist of the Decade,
Bars for the DeFiant and the Degens,
Keeping the promise of crypto alive in the face of decay.
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Porygon is a Pokémon made completely out of programming code.
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Grand Moff was a political title in the hierarchy of the Galactic Empire.[6] Grand Moffs were governors of Oversectors, which were grouped star systems and sectors that demonstrated signs of unrest.
I search for something I'm missing and disappear when I'm bored
But girl, what qualities was I looking for before?
Who you settling for? 
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