Rapping up the week in crypto
Bleedin' or feedin'
Week of May 17, 2021
They never said the revolution would be easy,
It's week of May seventeen and we're all bleeding,
These whales are sharks and they're feeding,
Diamond hands a little cut up,
Elon still won't shut up,
Tweeted at him to stop putting FUD up,
But he got me and the market left on red,
Fed to open a debate that's already dead,
Why y'all hating? I'm just tryna get some #SAFEBREAD,
Buy the rumor, keep the news fed,
After China a lot of traders reached for their meds,
Blips and Chitz, don't get hooked on the dip,
Hodl tight y'all, don't let it slip,
Been here before, keep a stiff upper lip,
This isn't a bubble and these aren't tulips,
If BlockFi overpaid you, don't give 'em back that shit,
Took a shot but real projects steady ship,
Sail to Sydney soon for a celebration,
Saylor presses on with no hesitation
Portnoy is just noise that serves to annoy,
I'll cut the leg off a Barstool just for sport,
Facts only, show us the Minority Report,
Taproot is taking hold from LA to Hanoi,
Nvidia and ETH heads are no longer boys,
War on Rugs showed its true colors too,
2 million reasons to howl at the moon,
Buying memes and hoarding gasoline,
Craving what's bad for you must be standard human being,
Should be grabbing BTC the way you put that gas in a trash bag,
At least get some LINK, some NEXO, or BAT,
Get out there and pump, future millions to be had,
You know I'm eating Pomp's pizza, even if it's bad.
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History of the Dutch Tulip Bulb Market’s Bubble
The Dutch tulip bulb market bubble, also known as 'tulipmania' was one of the most famous market bubbles and crashes of all time. It occurred in Holland during the early to mid 1600s when speculation drove the value of tulip bulbs to extremes. At the height of the market, the rarest tulip bulbs traded for as much as six times the average person's annual salary. 

Blips and Chitz
Blips and Chitz is an arcade themed building where Morty plays a virtual reality game called "Roy: A Life Well Lived", where he lives through the entire life of a carpet sales named Roy up to the age of 55.

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