Rapping up the week in crypto
Dip, dive, DOGE.
Week of May 10, 2021
Week of May 10, it's Unmuteable,
We got a mess out here but it's beautiful,
Anything different would just be unusual,
Memers are mad at Elon for his spot on TV,
Manipulating markets sayin' "a notta meee",
SEC tryna warn us about cryptocurrency,
But it's already mainstream, 46m Americans with BTC,
Dropping it is only logical in a fever dream,
Now maxis dropping Teslas like it's 2017,
This is what happens with CEOs fake BDE,
Let's see them get to Mars on clean energy,
A joke is still a joke even at max efficiency,
Y'all bought DOGE to make a buck,
But SNL turned into 'sorry, no luck',
Instead, Vitalik backed up the money truck,
Looks like India found one person to give a fuck,
Drop a billion and put Shiba in a slump, dog,
Just Buterin' em up for revenge on these gas hogs,
Who needs real tech when you got a memecoin?,
Ain't meant to be mean, I'm just looking for a private Telegram to join,
Facebook is Diem'ing every bank tryna get in bed,
What apps can stop Zuck from reading what I said?,
Whatsapp just sold us out and didn't even say please,
Cara Delevingne popped the pussy on an NFT,
But the bigger mystery is the paper up Tether's sleeve,
Speaking of questions, what was CZ tryna achieve?
Binance said you can't have any fun, I mean...have your funds,
Now the IRS is like, yo, how come?,
Dip, dive, doge, even Coinbase goin' dumb,
ETH decided it was time to join the big bull run,
Headed for a 5k, Solana and Stacks steady waitin' for the marathon gun,
Internet Computer a top ten in two days? Please,
I'm takin' that Grayscale discount, I'm a GBTC,
Quit Insta this week, I'm with BTC sendin' Moneygrams,
Hit me up if you wanna start a crypto OnlyFans,
I'm looking for influencers with really hot pic/ks,
Might even start my own token, please put up ya candlesticks.

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