The flagship event for artists, leaders, and technologists working at the intersection of music and blockchain.
JUNE 3, 2022 ˣ 12PM ET ˣ VIRTUAL
Co-Founder & CEO at Audius
VP of New Business & Ventures Warner Music || Gaming/Web3
Head of Global Artists and Label Partnerships at Royal
Founder and CEO at SoundMint. Founder of The Nations, including Trap Nation. Founder of Lowly.
Head of Policy at Solana Foundation
DeadMau5, Fatboy Slim, Orbital, Dave Stewart, many more.
Actor for “The Good Doctor”, Author, Founder of The Black Wall Street
Founder at
your hosts
Mitchell is the Founder of Unmuteable and The Mintery. He's passionate about creating a better future for founders and artists. He's a bass head with a long history in Hip Hop and rock.
Web3 Strategy at Stacks Foundation
Brooke leads the ongoing research and strategy at the music tech publication DAO, Water & Music. Brooke has over 15 years in the music industry as a classical music singer, promoter, and executive.
Head of Research & Business Ops at Water & Music
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many more
VP, Business Development at Project Admission
Managing Director at Standard Crypto
Co-Founder at IYK
Co-Founder at IYK
Director of Creator Partnerships, Music at Rally
CEO and Co-Founder at HeyLayer
CEO and Co-founder at Bonfire
Co-founder & CEO of Project Admission & Awesimo.
Founder / CEO at Endlesss
Co-Founder, CEO at
Head of Product at Novel
Marketing & Communications at GET Protocol Foundation
Founder at Everfine Projects | Connecting Roads, SUPERF3ST
Artist, American Idol
Creator at 0x Music
Jason Vandal
Founder of DAOrecords
CEO at Groovetime
Mike Sorgenfrei
Co-founder & CEO at Encore
Neil Kupras
Founder at Music Machines
Ryan Kenny
Founder at SeatlabNFT
Harrison First
Editorial Director at NEAR Foundation
Cofounder, Head of Product at Dopr
CEO & Founder at RCRDSHP
Hear from the artists and leaders in Web 3 music.
JUNE 3, 2022 ˣ 12PM ET ˣ VIRTUAL
Still more to come! Tune in to see new work, preview upcoming collections, and to better understand the artist experience in Web 3.
One of the top voices in EDM
Producer, Creator of MetaverseFM, Legend
Digital artist experimenting w/ sounds, melodies & beats to go along w/ visuals
Sound Money Crew
Sound Money Crew
Sound Money Crew
Web3 Musician
Artist, American Idol
Web 3 Leaders
Hear from the people that are building at the intersection of crypto and music everyday. These leaders are making a better future for artists possible.
Your Favorite Artists
It wouldn't be Unmuteable without a hefty dose of artists. Tune in for some big names, Web 3 heavyweights, and a surprise or two.
NFT Drops
No question, there will be alpha at Unmuteable. Join to be there first for new mints and get a preview of exciting upcoming collections.
Subject Matter Experts
In this emerging space you need specialists in securities law, IP, finance, economics, and more. You'll hear from experts in these and related areas.
Music Industry Executives
The path forward includes everyone, so you'll get perspectives from those in the traditional music industry including their views on Web 3 and working together.
News, Giveaways, & More
Starting in May, we'll be introducing new speakers regularly, running giveaways, and building the Unmuteable Discord community. Stay tuned!
ABOUT Unmuteable
As creators, artists, and musicians, you make life worth living. You deserve to capture more of the value you create. Web 3 is a chance to take back the creator-human connection, establish financial independence, attain creative freedom, & invest in a better future for music and the arts.
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